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With personal involvement into every style, colour & selection available at OPARI, you can be sure to only receive the highest of quality from your purchase.

OPARI shoes is EXCLUSIVE and can only be purchase via the official website or by accredited re-sellers.

OPARI Apparel & Accessories has been received with huge success as we know women have different needs in different stages of their lives. OPARI aims to be your go-to shop for anything from Date Night/Formal Wear, Office/Day Wear as well as Fun & Flirty Honeymoon/Vacation Items.

Our Fashion Items are in high demand due to its exclusivity & high fashion qualities.

OPARI is South-African owned and operated

Who Are We ?

100% Proudly South-African Female Owned. Taking pride in offering Quality, Affordable & Elegant Products to South-African & International clients. We carefully curate all items available on OPARI and we ensure quality control of each item.

How We Work ?

We are an online based department store situated in Cape Town, South Africa. Our items are available to purchase online & with accredited re-seller boutiques & Agents. For any enquiries please email info@opari.co.za for a quick response.

Our Awesome Products

We source and manufacture items that we are proud to put our name on.
Many hours are spend carefully choosing patterns, colours & styles to bring the best of what the fashion industry has to offer to your doorstep.